Dolce and Gabbana are well known for their ability to create a strong and irresistible narrative around their collections. Everything is tied together by a sense that there is a bigger picture. I completely fell for their SS12 campaign, which had such a powerful identity and really spoke to my imagination. However, I was really drawn in by their jewellery campaign. Aside from Bianca Balti looking mind-blowing, the photography style and the setting is so evocative. There is no doubt that the accompanying film was bordering on over-theatrical, but I love the idea that such a dense story can be installed into each piece of jewellery. But for me, I realise that the reason I am so drawn into this collection is because of a reference to Catolicism, and an over-all religious mysticism. This is not just due to the physical jewellery in itself, which relies so heavily upon religious charms and talismans. But the campaigns reference to a way of life and culture which has been defined through the ages by Catholism.

Dolce and Gabanna’s AW12 has just hit the catwalks. And true to form, seems to still look to Sicily for it’s inspiration and stories. Although based upon an incredibly over-embellished and decorative baroque, religious theme, there are still elements that draw me back to a sense of catholicism. The heavy gold embroidery, oversized needlepoint and thick, rich fabrics for me resonate with the Church and clerical cloth. Equally, the silhouettes that have been created from veils, long draped cloaks and ruffled necklines have a similar effect.

Versace’s AW12 collection has taken a slightly darker, and certainly less subtle approach to a similar theme. Glittering Byzantine crosses adorn practically any surface possible. The collection on the whole is incredibly theatrical, and harks to a gothic severity but with a modern stance.