Concept Shed are a young, creative team based in Cornwall – dreaming up some brilliant concepts and building some fantastic prototypes.

I love their AutoWed Machine, created for Marvin’s Marvellous Mechanical Museum in Detroit. Made to order, this kitsch vending machine offers a completely new method of undertaking a quick hitch. I suppose it should seem hideously unromantic – to some how compare the idea of getting married with the sorts of things you normally get out of a vending machine. Canned drinks, a packet of walkers, tampons, flavoured condoms… Yet there is something incredibly sweet and humorous about the whole idea, especially when you watch the video. The design as a whole is very harmonious. Every aspect has been considered to create an object that really reinforces the irony behind the whole idea – from the automated wedding march soundtrack and the plastic rings, to the personalised certificate, or rather glorified receipt.

Then all that it is left is to press 1 for ‘I do’, or press 2 for ‘Escape’…